About A.R.C.S.

(Active Recreation Community Support)

ARCS is a non-profit active community peer based approached organization that connects people with disabilities (SCI) to services and support in their community. Started by people living with a disability to provide support to individuals and their families manage their lives living with a disability.

Mentors make a difference.

Research shows new injuries who receive intensive peer mentorship have:

  • Greater participation in peer-led self-care 
  • More active engagement in post hospital rehabilitation
  • Greater confidence in their abilities to manage on a daily basis
  • Greater independence
  • Fewer hospital readmissions


Sometimes all we need is someone who can listen and draw from their own experience as we face a new journey in life. If you or a family member have sustained a spinal cord injury, it’s natural to have a lot of questions and experience a range of emotions. We’ve been there, and are here to help.

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One on One Mentorship

Our one on one Mentorship program connects you with someone who really knows what you’re going through. We will match you or a family member with a Peer Mentor who will serve as a support system to you and your family. Peer Mentors will meet with you as requested in-person, by phone, or through video chat.

Peer Mentors can provide valuable insights and coping skills to effectively deal with every day challenges.

Group Support

Our Group Support programs allow you to connect and chat with other members on a one-to-one basis through our community activity page, at a live event, or in a virtual group environment.  Our programs include:

  • Self-care education classes
  • One-on-one chat sessions
  • Virtual and in-person topical discussions
  • Recreational discussions and events
  • Community events and activities

PEER Resources

Getting the right information is crucial. We’ll provide you with information and links to appropriate resources to help you learn more about your disability, equipment needs, community resources to provide you with the tools you need to live a healthier and happier life. Resources include:

  • Recreational Activities 
  • Accessibility in your community
  • Education and employment
  • Travel experiences
  • Specialized Equipment

Meet the Peer Coordinators

David Tweed

Hello everyone, my name is David Tweed. Let me tell you a bit about myself so you can hopefully relate to me as we communicate and when you read my stories.

When I was eighteen years old I was involved in a snowmobile accident and damaged my C6 vertibrae (in my neck) that left me paralyzed from the chest down. This happened in 1981, I always say; “before wheelchairs were invented” so it has been a long time and a long healthy enjoyable life since then.

I’ve been able to experience so many wonderful things in those forty plus years. It is not my intent to blab on in this blog about all that. My intent is share stories and experiences with the hope that others in a similar situation will engage and share their experiences. I should, however, share a few highlights that I am most proud of in my life so far.

I’ve been married to my wonderful wife Terry Lynn for over 32 years. I fathered my son Brayden back in 1997. I was involved in the Manitoba Wheelchair Sport Wheelchair Rugby (formally “murderball”) program for over 20 years and was awarded the silver medal at the 1996 Paralympic Games along with my teammates. I started my own medical supply business back in 1996 called The Access Store. I am still very active running this business on a daily basis along with 6 other employees.

The Access Store, is a very important part of my life and I feel very proud that I’m able to serve this community and help people who are going through what I’ve gone through with my spinal cord injury. So, there will be references to products or information from my business in some of the discussions. I look forward to growing a large community and connecting with people to share stories and information.

Jared funk

Bio to come

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